Al Rashed

AlRashed Building Material (BMD)
AlRashed Building Material (BMD)


Ramat Marketing and Distribution

As a growth-oriented leading retail and wholesale provider of a variety of building materials and lumber to the Saudi Arabian  construction  and  manufacturing  sectors,  Ramat incorporates  Arabian  timber,  serving  the  construction, furniture, and decorative industries. Through our branches across  the  central, western  and eastern regions  and of  Saudi  Arabia, we offer easy access to products for wholesale customers, while retail customers can choose directly from our modern showrooms.

We are known for our strong sourcing ability and our high-quality products  range  encompassing  local  products  and from many other regional & international partners in the Middle East,  Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

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P.O. Box 16606, Jeddah 21474,Saudi Arabia