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Jana Marine Service Company Ltd. (JMS) was established in April 2013 and is an exclusively-owned subsidiary of Rashed AlRashed  &  Sons  Group.  It  provides  first-class  marine offshore Services to the Oil & Gas sector in the Arabian Gulf region and beyond. With a dynamic view to provide prompt and efficient services to complement the drive of Oil & Gas companies in the region, most notably Saudi Aramco, the company is based in Al Khobar (KSA) and has established a branch office in Bahrain and operates independently with its in-house resources for provision and management of Offshore & Onshore contracted services.

JMS  aims  at  achieving  operational  excellence,  world- class  reliability  and  safe  performance  through  improved operational efficiency, agile decision-making and budgeting activities. Building capacity, knowledge and skills to improve processes, systems, leadership development, performance evaluation and innovation are also a major part of JMS’s continuous mission pillars.

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Building 7323, Unit 7, ZIP 34413, 2221 Adeer Tower, Khobar, Saudi Arabia